The Snuglow story started with a problem: How could I get my infant daughter to fall asleep in my arms without causing myself too much discomfort and pain? After many sleepless nights for both my daughter and I, I dedicated myself to creating a solution that would both be practical and comfortable. After weeks of trying and failing, I eventually struck the perfect balance: something soft enough for a baby to feel cozy and secure, enough support to ensure proper alignment while the baby slept, and finally, something that relieved me of all of the weight and tension being placed on my body for hours at a time. The Snuglow was officially born. That first night was like a dream, the baby slept and I woke up the next day pain free. It has been smooth sailing since then.

I know how physically demanding it can be to care for young children. I am excited to bring this small sense of relief to parents everywhere so that you can focus your attention on what matters: having a well rested and healthy baby. The Snuglow design is safe and simple and is meant to be an easy and affordable way to experience some comfort in what are surely trying moments. Much has changed from the initial prototype I made for myself, but the essence of the Snuglow has not: rest, relief, and comfort for families everywhere!